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Why Us

Extensive Coverage Ready & Ample Stock
Our Extensive Coverage consists of Tokyo, Dubai, Hong Kong, China and the South East Asia region. Furthermore, we have Ready and Ample Stock available for shipment upon order. We believe that with our strong and ready Inventory System, we are able to provide our customers an Efficient and Smooth Transaction without any delay. As such, you can be rest assured of our credibility and capabilities in meeting your demands at any time.

At Recycle Point, we do not view our clients as mere transactions or means to an end- profit. Instead, we focus on building strong and lasting relationships that are mutually beneficial. As such, our sales team constantly seek to understand our clients’ demands to offer the best solutions. Furthermore, we send out regular updates to our clients on the latest products and offers.
Extensive Coverage
Social Quality Assurance
Although we deal with pre-owned products, the need for Quality Assurance remains crucial and should not be ignored or taken for granted.

We conduct inspections, cleaning and minor refurbishments at our headquarters located in Singapore. Our team of dedicated and experienced technicians will conduct testing to determine the working condition and/or defectives of our products.

A Recycle Point Quality Seal is given to each item ensuring that it is in working condition.

Extensive Coverage
Warehouse Logistics Warehouse Logistics
Our warehouse logistics is seen as an integral essential to providing consistent quality and credibility to our customers. We have a dry warehouse with a large storage capacity and we are proficient in proper palletisation and in our packing system. Through this, we aim to achieve excellence and service quality to our customer.

Extensive Coverage
Warehouse Logistics Procurement System
Our Procurement Process is as important as how we sell and market our products. We believe that a strong Procurement System adds value to our clients. Thus, we made a strategic step to expand our operations in Japan, through Recycle Point Tokyo, where our major suppliers Recycle Point Tokyo.

This has enabled us to better understand the market, acquire first-hand information and most importantly, build close relationships with our Japan suppliers. Through this, we are able to procure the latest products and at lower costs, thus, adding value to our clients.

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