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About Us

Prior to our inauguration, our founder started Playbox Distribution Pte Limited in 2004 as a major distributor and exporter of video game consoles, portables and accessories in South East Asia, the Middle East, Hong Kong and China. Playbox Distribution has consistently achieved significant yearly revenue growth, and was honoured with the Singapore SME 500 Company award in the Year 2010 in 56th place overall.

As Playbox Distribution grew and expanded, we felt that there was an increasing need for Corporate Social Responsibility, specifically in the area of minimising the Carbon Footprint which arose from the improper disposal of electronics. These electronics usually end up in landfills, resulting in toxic waste and gas emission. As such, Recycle Point Pte Ltd was established in the Year 2008 as a Social Enterprise in the field of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).

Our journey began with a mission to contribute to the global efforts to decrease the swelling adverse environmental consequences arising from e-waste. We do this by optimising and extending the product lifespan of used electronics and to bridge the digital and economic divide by re-selling them to developing markets.

Since our establishment, we have grown from strength to strength. Our annual revenue growth has increased substantially and we have expanded our operations internationally to Tokyo, Dubai, GuangZhou, ShenZhen and more recently, Hong Kong.

At present, we serve the Middle East, China, Hong Kong and South East Asia region markets. Furthermore, we are expanding our product range from pre-owned Game Consoles/Portables/Accessories to pre-owned Smartphones/Tablets, pre-owned Medical Equipment as well as Industrial Products.


By having a mutually profitable and long term business relationship with our partners, reinforced with integrity and reliability, we will be the dominant distributor of used and refurbished electronic goods in Asia.


To enhance quality of living by providing affordable pre-owned equipment, electronics and other products to emerging markets around the world.
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